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I'm vegan and I'm changing a lot about my mind and body.
i move back and forth from germany to america, and travel quite a bit.
i like food a lot.
don't flirt with me and let me pet your dogs.

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My dinner. I haven`t posted my food pictures for a while. But nothing`s really changed. Cucumbers, tomatoes, watermelon, apples, mirabelle plums, nectarine and mountain ash berries.



Emma Hartvig

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rub my back and make my decisions for me

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This is a very special and momentous moment for the global, animal liberation movement. 

Israel has become the leading spear head in the animal liberation struggle, and 269Life is its birth place. Today we at 269Life are overjoyed to announce that the first ever farm animal sanctuary, in the whole middle east region, has officially been established!
The animals finally have a safe heaven, free from human oppression and malice
Animal liberation finally has a home 

269Life finally has a home

To help and support the 269Life liberation farm, click and donate -
Free 269 - Go vegan
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Kristen McMenamy at McQ by Alexander McQueen FW 12

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Photos by Momomi.

Seoul, South Korea

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Opal/diamond/gold ring

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My beautiful rottweiler Brenda